Tired Of Chasing After Translators Who Can’t Meet Your Deadlines?

Exasperated that your reviewer keeps finding countless mistakes made by your translator?
Worried that your translators may deliver inaccurate translations because they don’t understand the source text?

I’m here to help.

My name is Ramona Ali and as a professional English-Malay translator, I have helped hundreds of businesses and people just like you in translating their documents.

I am a native Malay speaker and I am also an expert user of English, having been brought up, educated and trained in these two languages. I am a citizen of Malaysia but I have lived and studied in the United Kingdom. This valuable phase of my life has helped me understand the cultural nuances and even the subtle differences of both languages. I also amassed much experience during my years of service in the English-dominated corporate world, giving me a mature perception of, and hands-on experience in the various areas of business and industry. I am a Mathematician by qualification, so you can rest assured that I am meticulous in every translation job I undertake.

In fact, you don’t have to believe what I say. Here’s what the client says:

It’s been wonderful working with Ramona, very reliable, always on time, excellent professional.

Dalia Koch
Arts & Letters Language Services, USA
email: artsandletters@earthlink.net
Telephone: 281-261-8994

And here’s what the in-country client says:

“I have used Ramona’s translation services for several projects and I am really satisfied with her commitment and the excellent work, especially in meeting the due dates.

ME Translation Services, Malaysia
e-mail: metranslation@yahoo.com
Telephone: +60-12-3758211

But this is not about me; it’s about you and your reputation.

Why? Because bad translations can quickly ruin your reputation and affect your bottom line!

You must be wondering: how can translation be such a big deal?

First, when translators miss their deadlines, you miss your deadlines. You would be labeled as unreliable, and your clients would decide that you have no regard for their requirements and look elsewhere.

Second, when your current translator keeps making mistakes, you need to keep paying a reviewer to weed out all those mistakes, unless you want to risk tarnishing your reputation. So it’s a choice between less profit and a bad reputation¬† either way, you lose!

Third, when your translator doesn’t have enough common sense or general knowledge to figure out that adsorb is not a typo of absorb but in fact a completely different process, you may be communicating a totally different story in your translated document!

If you are an agency, your end-client would just take their business elsewhere without even bothering to tell you. If you are the end-client, imagine what a fool you must look to target consumers, the native speakers of the target language, who would wonder if the quality of your products or services is as bad as your communications materials.
Believe me when I say that translation is more than just words, because professional translators do not only translate, they communicate.
And that is exactly what I do. I make sure your message is accurate, clear and effective.

“Ramona has always been very responsive, friendly and ready to help. She is a team member. She is inquisitive when it comes to making sure the proper terms and language style are used. She has consistently delivered translations or other linguistic tasks on time. Her editor always expressed satisfaction at the quality of her translations. I’m really happy to count her in my team.”

Jacline Deridder
HighTech Passport Ltd., USA

Why me?

I am fast and reliable. I can deliver a 3,500 word translation job in just 24 hours and I never miss deadlines that I commit to.

“Ramona is amazing. Very professional. Her turnaround time is really great. As I believe in fast turnaround, she complements me very well. Great to work with her.”

Eddie Loh
Le Concept Ideas, Malaysia
Telephone: +60-3-77222712

I also take the initiative to do ground research and talk to industry experts to gain an adequate understanding of the subject matter at hand.

“On the occasions we had engaged Ramona’s services, she has shown to have the attributes of a professional, never overconfident, yet able to handle files in almost any domain. I would strongly recommend her services to any agency/client that needs reassurance of quality”

Alberto Balanza
B-Lingo Communications, Malaysia
e-mail: info@b-lingo.com
Telephone: +603-7960 4713 / 6019 326 2582

My natural eye for detail, sharpened while studying and working with numbers and statistics, ensures that the work I deliver to you is error-free.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Ramona. She delivers translations within tight deadlines and yet they are accurately translated. She is sharp and critical, and always checks the source file before she translates it.”

Melissa Rani
eTranslate, Australia
e-mail: melissa.rani@etranslate.com.au

My working formula is foolproof, so when you choose me as your language consultant, I not only complete the job perfectly, but I make you look good too!

The number of worldwide clients I have done work for surpassed the 100-mark in under 5 years of running a one-woman operation! How did I do it? Simply by giving my best no matter how small the job or how tight the deadline. I treat every job and every client equally important and equally valuable. My clients love my work so much that I am getting new clients through referrals from existing clients!

“Ramona has been doing English-Malay translations for me over several years now.

As director of a translation agency, a fellow translator in these two languages and a commercially published lexicographer as well in these languages, I have found her work to be as of the highest ethics, quality and competence.

Ramona adheres strictly to set deadlines, and has a helpful personality. It has been a most pleasant experience to work with her, and I would commend her without reservation.”

Robert Goh, Director
CEM Translations Ltd, New Zealand
e-mail: mail@cemtranslations.net
Telephone: +64-9-626 5129

And I am certified, earning a Diploma in Translation through a joint program by the Malaysian Translators’ Association and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, the government authority in Malaysia responsible for coordinating the usage of the Malay language in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

I can accept large (and small) files instantly. Don’t have an ftp facility or e-mail? No problem! Just log on to my password-protected system to safely upload or retrieve documents. If your document is highly-confidential, you don’t need to worry about the security of e-mail when you use this facility.

I am also a highly-efficient and dedicated project manager whom you can count on to manage your project from start to finish. This is because I have a large network of associates, but I alone will do the final proofread so there would be no hint that many cooks had cooked the broth. Therefore, save yourself the headache and stress of recruiting, qualifying and managing different translators and getting a reviewer to tidy up the inconsistencies.

So the next time you need a fast, reliable translator, let me help you handle the job and let me communicate your message clearly to your audience.

Contact me today for a free quote!